He is Special.
September 17, 2011, 3:40 am
Filed under: The Almighty Allah

why you need mr postman

when you can prays to Him straight?

Why do you need to represent Him

in so many things

when in fact

He cant be resembled with those things.

We do not know

How he looks like

as we have no power to imagine.

If he can be resembled by words



meaning He has no power

and same like the rest of those things.

God must be the most powerful

therefore He must not be

the human



and everything that you imagine Him to be

as He is not something like our imaginary

or in fact

statues that stand stills.

He cant be the same as what He creates.

He must me more special

than what He Creates.

Since we cant see Him

He sent us prophets

to lead us to meet Him.

But we do not worship those Prophets

as we worship the one who creates those.


if you agree to all of these, get yourself a Quran. Everything is in it. Dont live in denial when the Light has been there.


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