a reply
September 16, 2011, 2:05 am
Filed under: Social, The Almighty Allah

this is a reply

to a girl

who is still looking

for everything


the true.

she said quran led her to christianity.

i might not the one who have all the knowledge to provide

a concrete answer for all the misconception

but i have the privillege

as i am a muslim

Islam the last deen.

her argument was in Quran

it was written

asking Muhammad

to refer to Bible and Taurah.

I just grinned when heard her statement.

of course in the holy Quran

it stated that way

as Muhammad is the last prophet



believe in those 4 Holy Book

that was given by Allah

to different Prophet

in different era.

Quran has everything.

Unlike Bible.

which is the other way round.

Muslim is more christian than christian is

as we belive in Jesus.

but not as the son of God

As God is Ahad

which means

God is the only One.

IF God is having human qualities

everybody can claim

they are as One.

i seek Allah to give you the Light.



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