been awhile
November 16, 2012, 9:30 am
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constant reminder is needed.




January 3, 2012, 7:54 am
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As my age turns twenty and five
Now I shall start
To complete half of my deen
To practice sunnah that I never able to do it alone
As simple as holding hands
Drink at the same spot

four letter word
January 1, 2012, 11:03 pm
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4 letters big impact.
Everybody succumbs to it
For better
Umar al-khattab
Because of Love
He changes
Khalid al-walid
A few name to suggest.
After all, He creates the feelings
Its up to us
How to use it.

bro sejid
January 1, 2012, 1:15 pm
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It was the introduction of the event
“We wanna have fun as a Muslim”
It gave me a big impact
To those who attended
Maybe you
Who are reading 😀

exemplary women of the past
December 29, 2011, 6:58 pm
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The first wife of The Prophet
Peace be upon her
The wealthy lady
Who gets married to Him
At the age of forty
When he was only in his 20s.
She was there to witness
The day Jibril came
Welcomed his husband
Who was in fear of the event which lead to the revealation
Of Iqra’ , read on His name.
When she passed away
She left 4 daughters and 2 sons
To accompany Rasul the loveliest husband.

Saudah came to the family
After Rasul’s great loss
She was scared to death
When it comes to Dajjal, the monster.
Aishah and Hafsah teased her
She ran into the darkroom
It brought joy to the household.

December 28, 2011, 11:14 pm
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If Jannah is too far from my reach
Let me just smell it from where I stand.
But I wanna be there with all of my friends.

December 28, 2011, 7:52 am
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Assalamualaikum ..
It all started on one fine day.
Login my twitter scroll down at my timelime.
Click on a link posted by someone.
Led me to youtube where it all began.

Boonaa Mohamed is his name
Born in April same year of mine
Talented gifted all the adjectives you can think of
I watched the video once before this time
The first video of him was ‘for the love’ which
we watched in class early of twothounsandeleven.
Everybody was hooked
So do I
Deep inside I wish to meet him
One by one.

The same friend of mine
Told me Boonaa will come
Give me a link, click it, read it
And I said ‘oh Allah this event I must attend’.
Told my mom she would like to join
Without hesitation she asked me to make my booking.

December is awesome as lots of good things are happening.
I just can’t wait for twentyfourth and twentyfifth as I am finally meeting
Boona the young muslim spreading the Deen through poetry recitation.

Woke up early morning
As I wasnt sure the road to the event
Meeting new friends as I parked my car at the basement
Went to the upstairs as if we are family
Queuing up for registration
Again meeting new friends
This time an aunt with her daughter.

Greeting with salam
The volunteer gave us a blue bag with a wristband
Twinsoffaith on both of them.
Going to the third floor as the second is for brothers.
Waiting and waiting the event only started at ten.
Going in the hall is really HUGE.
Looking and searching for the best seat as I wish to see Boonaa on the stage.
Sat at the middle meeting new friends as well.

Event started with Quran recitation and its translation
On how the muslim and munafikun look like at the day of judgement.
The introduction of the event was made
By Najid, the mercy mission in Malaysia.
Twinsoffaith is actually putting knowledge and action together as one.
Sheikh Yahya started the lecture
I followed him on the twitter
Really was awesome always be.

Entertainment took over.
And hey! The emcee invited Boona!
My hands were shaking
as this is a dream comes true.
Yes! He is on the stage reciting three poems
Priorities one of them
Which makes me cry

I wanted to buy his CD on sale
But it was already sold-out in a day
Tomorrow I hope to get
With his signature on it.
Alhamdulillah the next day I managed
To talk to him and get the CD
With signature on top of it.

The event was awesome
With the speakers and entertainers
From western to eastern
So did the participants.
Sheikh yahya, alaa, hussein yee, dr zaharuddin, dr philips, navaind azziz are the speakers
With gifted knowledge and talent.
boona, belal, muadz, shinji and abdullah role
Are the entertainers
Who entertain us with full of messages they convey!

Above all the lectures I love exemplary woman of the past
By non other than
Sheikh alaa elsayed the funny man.
It brought me to tears
As I am lucky as a woman
With Aishah, Khadijah and Sumayya
As my role model even in this modern world.

I couldn’t stay long for the second day
after maghrib I went off.

I am grateful to be here
Alhamdulillah I swear
Good event to be in nowhere but here.

I managed to watch dr Tawfique and Sheikh Alaa
On stage together.
A video which made
everyone came to tears
sisters who are now believers
They told us their stories
They left everything behind
Just like Muhajjirrin in Rasulullah time.
She sometimes performed her solah in the toilet
As she’s afraid getting caught
By her parents.
Alhamdulillah as time passes by
Her parents are now believers just like us in the hall.
The sisters gave me a new perspectives in life
Not to live in my comfort zone
As lots of women are suffering.

They are the muhajjirin waiting for the ansaari
To offer helpings hands
Just like in the history of the Muhajjirin-Ansar used to be.

Dear sisters and brothers of one aqidah.
Let’s raise our standards as Ummah
Nothings wrong to be rich
As you can spend it
To help people in need
And tear off the common belief
Muslims are the poor
Who beg for money
Even to buy a loaf of ‘roti’.

Islam is not left behind
As we have the professionals
Who make millions of money,
But what is money
If you can’t help sistersandbrothers in need.
Just remember the bond Muhajjirin-Ansaar had
We can be like them
Once again, Aminnnnnn.